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OMNIVERSE: Cyberpunk

16 Sept 2020

It is 2020. Day by day, the dark dystopic, imaginary realms and cities of the stories and films you grew up with inch closer and closer to becoming rock-solid reality as you cling on to whatever vestige of a sense of normalcy you have left. The. Future. Is. Now.

In the midst of a global pandemic, NUS Electronic Music Lab presents Omniverse: Cyberpunk, an online showcase of electronic music composed and performed by a line-up of artists who dive headfirst into a dark future world of sights and sounds that are beautiful, and at turns terrifying.

Join us in the digital realm for three evenings of mind-bending video performances, as Shawn Ng Yong Kwang, Tan E-Reng, Aaron Yong Tse Wei, Daryl Koh Yi Kai, Germaine Ha Yu Xiu, Wu Zhen Rong, Cheong Ka Weng, Joachim Alfonso Amado Navarro, Clint Ching Jun Qi, Kieu Hoang Kien and Chu Zheng freefall into a virtual kaleidoscope of electronic genres, spanning synthwave, drum & bass, techno, house, trance, neuro and much, much more. Explore worlds of possibilities as the music goes beyond visions of impossible adversity to find hope, to see light and inspire impossible strength to keep pressing on, no matter how dark the roads ahead appear to be.

Watch here:



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