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Sonic Sessions @ TPD

NUS EML Performs at Singapore Art Week, in collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum! Our artists prepared a 45-minute set of original music, spanning a diverse array of musical genres including hip-hop, electronic pop, lo-fi, 80's retrowave, progressive house, darksynth metal and industrial noise music.

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EML Plugout 2023

Our first live electronic music showcase of the year with performances by our new members, at Bar Bar Black Sheep (Kent Ridge)

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omniVerse: the loVers

From the mind-bending alternate universe of 2023’s “OmnIVerse: The Fourth Dimension”, NUS Electronic Music Lab returns to reality in 2024 with the raw, powerful emotion that grounds us all – love. Occurring nine days after Valentine’s Day, “omniVerse: The Lovers” is an aural experience that expands and explores the very definitions of love. Featuring 23 talented electronic musicians, the production will guide you through a romantic journey of four phases – beginning with the light and bubbly melodies of infatuation, developing into the energetic and exciting beats of passion, falling apart into the harsh and dark discordances of heartbreak, and closing the show with the calming and ambient soundscapes of acceptance.

Is your heart racing yet?

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OmnIVerse: The Fourth Dimension

OmnIVerse: The Fourth Dimension is an immersive musical experience that navigates you through experiences of being in liminal states and spaces.

Guided by principal tutor Benjamin Ang, NUS Electronic Music Lab presents original music compositions combined with scenography by Bernice Ong and sound design by bani haykal, creating a multi-sensorial experience that highlights liminal temporalities, sites and soundscapes. From psychedelic trance to lo-fi beats, our artists harness sensory technologies and materials to facilitate states of being in transit, opening up a superliminal fourth dimension.

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Emerging from the dark, futuristic sonic cityscape of 2020’s OMNIVERSE: Cyberpunk, NUS Electronic Music Lab returns in 2022 with OMNIVERSE: ReG3NESIS. Produced in collaboration with ExxonMobil Campus Concerts, EML takes its virtual show to the next level with a fresh line-up of 11 electronic musicians, ready to take you on an exhilarating journey into a brand new world rising from the ashes of an ancient apocalypse. With dazzling production and exhilarating music transcending genres and styles, this is one sonic journey that you will never forget.
OMNIVERSE: ReG3NESIS premieres on 28th January 2022, 8pm, on the EMCC Virtual Stage. Be there.

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OMNIVERSE: Cyberpunk

It is 2020. Day by day, the dark dystopic, imaginary realms and cities of the stories and films you grew up with inch closer and closer to becoming rock-solid reality as you cling on to whatever vestige of a sense of normalcy you have left. The. Future. Is. Now.

In the midst of a global pandemic, NUS Electronic Music Lab presents Omniverse: Cyberpunk, an online showcase of electronic music composed and performed by a line-up of artists who dive headfirst into a dark future world of sights and sounds that are beautiful, and at turns terrifying.

Join us in the digital realm for three evenings of mind-bending video performances, as Shawn Ng Yong Kwang, Tan E-Reng, Aaron Yong Tse Wei, Daryl Koh Yi Kai, Germaine Ha Yu Xiu, Wu Zhen Rong, Cheong Ka Weng, Joachim Alfonso Amado Navarro, Clint Ching Jun Qi, Kieu Hoang Kien and Chu Zheng freefall into a virtual kaleidoscope of electronic genres, spanning synthwave, drum & bass, techno, house, trance, neuro and much, much more. Explore worlds of possibilities as the music goes beyond visions of impossible adversity to find hope, to see light and inspire impossible strength to keep pressing on, no matter how dark the roads ahead appear to be.

Watch here:

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An introspective performance by Mitch Advent and btcprox of NUS Electronic Music Lab featuring Ben Ang and Erhu player Stephanie Ow. Expressed through elements of electronic and traditional asian music, Crossroads is a modern Singaporean’s struggle whose inner turmoil is fuelled by a sense of injustice, unfairness and failure to create an impact in the world.

The performances are part of the Light to Night Festival 2020, which is part of Singapore Art Week and extends beyond the walls of the Civic District's cultural institutions into the precinct's public spaces, transforming them with light, sound and movement. This fourth edition of the Festival is based on the theme Invisible Cities. The array of programmes—which span from day to night—draws us into the rich imaginary worlds of artists, writers, musicians, designers, filmmakers, performers and many other creative talents, including visually impaired musicians like Stephanie Ow (Blind Visionary Woman).

This marks the first time that we are collaborating with a Chinese classical musician for an entire long form performance of eight songs ranging from upbeat to down tempo, from heavy beats to light chilled textures. EML members Mitch Advent (Mitch Goh) and btcprox (Bryan Tan) play electronic beats and melodies live on the Ableton Push pad instrument and Korg Microkorg keyboard respectively controlling Ableton Live performance software, Stephanie plays on the erhu, and Ben Ang appears briefly on pipe organ.

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Omniverse (2019)

Omniverse is a brand new production by the NUS Electronic Music Lab (EML). The concert will showcase a wide range of original works by electronic music artists who will take you to different worlds through the medium of Electro House, Synthwave, Trap Music, Hardstyle, Dubstep and some genres you may have never heard of before.

Listen to the official Omniverse (2019) playlist here:

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100 Bands Festival

Brannlum and Mitch Advent performed each of their own electronic music sets in this community music festival celebrating local talents and subcultures!

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Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2017

EML performed alongside NUS Dance Synergy in a blend of electronic music and contemporary dance, in accompaniment to readings of short stories

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Student Life Fair 2017

Student Life Fair is an annual event at the start of the academic year where students can learn about the various Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). NUS EML has a booth together with other groups under the NUS Centre for the Arts. It is also one of the first live performances you can catch EML at the start of the academic year.

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HERE! Arts Carnival 2017

An EML member performed a live act during HERE! Arts Carnival, an annual carnival with performances by the various performing arts groups in NUS.

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