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11 Jan 2020

In collaboration with Stephanie Ow (Erhu), Ben Ang (EML's Principal Tutor)

An introspective performance by Mitch Advent and btcprox of NUS Electronic Music Lab featuring Ben Ang and Erhu player Stephanie Ow. Expressed through elements of electronic and traditional asian music, Crossroads is a modern Singaporean’s struggle whose inner turmoil is fuelled by a sense of injustice, unfairness and failure to create an impact in the world.

The performances are part of the Light to Night Festival 2020, which is part of Singapore Art Week and extends beyond the walls of the Civic District's cultural institutions into the precinct's public spaces, transforming them with light, sound and movement. This fourth edition of the Festival is based on the theme Invisible Cities. The array of programmes—which span from day to night—draws us into the rich imaginary worlds of artists, writers, musicians, designers, filmmakers, performers and many other creative talents, including visually impaired musicians like Stephanie Ow (Blind Visionary Woman).

This marks the first time that we are collaborating with a Chinese classical musician for an entire long form performance of eight songs ranging from upbeat to down tempo, from heavy beats to light chilled textures. EML members Mitch Advent (Mitch Goh) and btcprox (Bryan Tan) play electronic beats and melodies live on the Ableton Push pad instrument and Korg Microkorg keyboard respectively controlling Ableton Live performance software, Stephanie plays on the erhu, and Ben Ang appears briefly on pipe organ.



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