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Falling Islands



Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, English Literature

Falling Islands is a half-human, half-synthesizer cyborg from an alternate 1984, where it is always night-time, and the streets are always bathed in the fluorescent, purple-red hues of neon lights. After a freak accident with a lightning rod, a flux capacitor, and a toaster, he finds himself flung forward in time into the 21st century—the future! With nothing but his wits, his flannel jacket, his inconsistent backstory, his penchant for narrating exposition in the third-person, and his undying love for all things synthesizers, Falling Islands seeks to bring the sounds of yesteryear into the future, all while trying to find a way back to his original timeline.

Performed in

OMNIVERSE: Cyberpunk

OMNIVERSE: Cyberpunk

I make bleeps, bloops and sometimes even music.

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